About the Canyon Days Committee

Picture of Committee at first event

For many years, Poly Canyon served as an iconic precedent for Cal Poly's "Learn by Doing" philosophy, but over time, the condition of the structures had deteriorated due weathering and vandalism. In turn, the Canyon Days Committee was formed in 2014 with a commitment to preserve Cal Poly history by maintaining Poly Canyon.

The committee is entirely student led with Spencer Dilley serving as the current chair. Our faculty advisor, Associate Dean Kevin Dong, provides invaluable help. Also, support comes from alumni, especially Lucas Hogan, the originator of the concept, and Nicole O'Hearne, the creator of the committee.

The committee is comprised primarily out of CAED majors, but students of all majors are encouraged to join. If you are interested in joining, please contact our secretary, Teddy Khieu, via email.

Join the effort in any way you can. Email the committee for more information and to be updated about the next Canyon Days event. Use this link to donate to CAED Poly Canyon and help preserve the Canyon.


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